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Paul Carta. Director.

An experienced builder for residential developments in Brisbane.

“Paul, you want a nice job in a nice
air-conditioned office wearing a suit and tie”

Paul Carta has been in business for well over 30 years. His knowledge and experience is hugely vast, in all aspects of residential and commercial construction.

He leads a strong team of hand picked professionals and holds long-established partnerships with key suppliers in the building industry. He runs every project and continues to do so today.

Humbled migrant beginnings.

Leaving a picturesque coastal town on the east coast of Sicily, Paul arrived in Australia at a young age, with his family.

Growing up in Brisbane, Paul remembers .. the wise wise words from his parents (he still hears the ringing in the ears) in broken English   “Paul, you want a nice job … in a nice air conditioned office wearing a suit and tie.”

So he did. At just 14 years of age.

He took up a career (traineeship at 15) in banking — which later on, would give him the firm foundations for understanding the complexities of finances and property development.

Licensed to build.

Six years on, his growing passion for ‘building stuff’ took hold — he ditched the suit and tie and went into the building industry.

At just 28, as a licensed builder, Paul developed a small block of units in East Brisbane, followed by several spec homes in Belmont Heights, Brisbane.


Paul says that it was the opportunities to work on a range of building projects that shaped his career.

“I’ve been lucky and learnt hands-on as a major sub-contractor on many iconic building projects.

“The Hilton, Crest, Marriott, Waterfront Place, Central Plaza, Riverside Centre, Grosvenor Place (Sydney), to name a few.  This has given me a unique perspective and understanding of the intricacies of the Australian building industry,” Paul said.

“Running my own building and renovation company for a couple of decades coupled with my commercial work, has given me the confidence and capability to converse on any subject in the building industry.”

PAUL CARTA. paul@tamaracreations.com.au


What his customers say.

“I’ve always found Paul and his crew to be professional, reliable and proactive with good solid building advice,” John Buckingham.

“A major construction project we didn’t hesitate to talk to Paul and get Tamara Creations on board. ” C Corbo.

“With some minor upgrades, I can run my business more cost-effectively, thanks to Paul” Simon Winten.